Hot Sauce and Aspirin

Some tips and tricks to survive a hangover.

We had our annual wine and cheese party over the weekend. I’m pretty sure it was way more wine than cheese for most of the guests. We had people sleep over, lyft drivers were making their nut, the wine was flowing. The next day, the hangovers were flowing too. Once when I was in college, my dad took me to the beach to ward off a hangover. It worked so well, and I have used the technique several times over the years. Cold water, relaxation, and feeling like my skin isn’t 90% boozy pores, it usually works pretty well. But apparently wine doesn’t care about pools. So I went back to the tried and true method of sprite, sleep, and waiting it out. Around midnight on Sunday, the fog cleared! Around midnight on Monday my husband and I both independently decided we have been drinking a little too much the last few weeks. One big mistake, besides all the wine, was not starting hydrated or maintaining hydration through the party. If you are gonna be dumb and drink all the wine, at least mix it up with a few glasses of water. Either way, it’s Tuesday now, I’m alive, my body is working again, and I’m looking forward to a girls trip to Epcot for the garden festival this weekend. So stay tuned for pictures and more fun! Thanks for checking in on me, my adoring drunkies. And stay hydrated this week.

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