Hot Sauce and Aspirin

Some tips and tricks to survive a hangover.

Hello drunkies!  This week I am so excited to have a blog from veteran queen of shenanigans, Nikki Heredia.  She hails from the west, loves wine, hates hangovers, and has chronicled a weekend of excess and what she did and didn’t do to survive. Cheers!

Edit: Here is the amazon link for the hangover patch Nikki used the non sick weekend. It is called Bytox.

Thursday April 19
Wasn’t planning on too much drinking this evening as I still had to wake up at the crack of dawn to drag the children to school the next morning.  But we managed to go to the movie and  have a post movie glass of wine.  It felt like we could end up drinking more, so I put the Hangover Patch on around 4:30.  We went out to dinner and I had another glass of wine.  We went home, did our usual responsible parenting things, then proceeded to binge watch TV and drink more wine, probably about another 3 glasses for me.  I didn’t drink as much water as I would have liked.  Bedtime I dissolved a Nuun in about 8-10 Oz of water, chugged that and went to sleep.  The next day we headed out to Lubbock.  I felt sleepy to the point of having to pull over and switch drivers, but not hungover in any way.   Took a short car nap and felt ready to start again!

Friday April  20
We drove to Lubbock for an overnight getaway for Randall’s birthday.   Knowing it was going to be a full day of drinking, I put the Hangover patch on at 2pm and then we played Lubbock’s version of Top golf for 2 hours- 3 beers, 1 shot, 1 36 Oz glass of water and the went to the hotel to check in
5 pm : 1 nuun tablet in ~12 oz water and then…
2 glasses of wine at hotel bar, went to a nice steak house, 3 glasses of wine at restaurant for dinner, ate plenty and drank at least 1 20 Oz glass of water, back to hotel, 1 nuun tablet at 11pm with 12 Oz water.
Next morning felt really tired, a little queasy and a definitely worn out.  Hotel sleep is never good sleep for me.   Didn’t really get to feeling myself until later that evening but I didn’t not have a migraine, headache or nausea/puking!!! I can handle a sleepy, just slightly icky feeling kind of hangover, so I was pretty happy with the results! Nuun+patch+water=much happier Nikki!

Saturday April 21
Drive home from Lubbock, rest on couch and drink fluids, and veg for about 2 hours.   Then it’s time to get ready for more slight shenanigans.  But no hangover patch prior to drinking, we eat dinner with my parents and I have 2 glasses of wine at dinner, then we go to a dueling pianos show for a school fundraiser, I have 3 more glasses of wine.  Probably around 20 Oz of water through the evening.  One nuun tablet in ~12 Oz of water, bed at midnight, woke up sleepy and worn out but no headache or nausea, but slept for about 12 hours.   It was pretty glorious since that almost NEVER happens!!  Again, spent the day mostly snail-like.  Watched tons of tv, didn’t move my butt from the couch too often.  I was definitely prepared for a week of no alcohol though, needed to give all of my poor organs a break!!

Saturday April 27
I drank a decent amount of water through the day at Izzy’s track meet, napped for 3 hours then had dinner at my parents again, but I barely ate.  From 6:30-11pm I had 5 glasses of wine, no extra water, no hangover patch, no nuun, no nothing.  Felt strangely really drunk even though I’ve had way more than 5 glasses in the past, I crawled into my bed around 1am with my clothes on, changed an hour or so later.  Started puking at 6am.  Puked every 10 minutes or so until noon, migraine was excruciating, one of those please anyone please make it stop kind of hangovers.  The kind that you feel you just might not live through.  When you are laying there on the bathroom floor thinking “damn, this one is it, this is the one that finally takes me down, and lying here on this dirty floor is so gross, but I’m just going to have to puke again in a minute so why get up, unless I die first”

I get a shot of zofran to stop the puking.  But the headache won’t go away and my stomach is apparently refusing to absorb any sort of pain medicine, so I lay in bed until 4pm, trying to be a still as possible to trick it into going away.  No dice.  40 year old’s hangovers are no joke.  Mine were horrible when I was 20, but this is a whole new level of awfulness.   Pretty sure an alien was going to burst out of my brain at any minute, which honestly might have relieved some of the pain!!

So finally I just get up, pretend that I’m a normal person without the worlds worst hangover and try to function with my family.   It was Tuesday before I felt like I wasn’t hungover.
No Nuun, no patch, no water = horrendously sicky Nikki

So I don’t know if it is massive amounts of water, the patch, the Nuun, or just my crappy old body’s mood that day, but from now on I’m, at the very least, not going to bed without drinking the nuun.   And someday hopefully getting ahold of some
Never Too Hungover to add to my potions.  Or not drink.   Which would probably be the smarter option and is definitely my choice for the next few weeks!

The hangover remedies seem to help, forcing tons of water definitely helps.  Not drinking too much helps,  but my hangovers are sneaky and evil that they can happen after two glasses of wine over a 4 hour period while eating an entire pizza to soak up those measly two glasses.  So whether its mind over matter, or science, or a little of both, Im going to stick to the nuun and copious amounts of water. (If I ever drink again.   Which I will.   But not today.)

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