Hot Sauce and Aspirin

Some tips and tricks to survive a hangover.

Know it all types and successful authors, you know which category you fall into, say that the key to writing is sticking to a routine and writing every day.  My issue is that I like to imagine an audience, so writing just for myself every day seems sad and pointless.  Though, I suppose I could just pretend you are there reading my words and adoring my cleverness.  I decided yesterday, after it had been almost a month since my last blog post, that I was definitely sabotaging myself.  Once I realized I was actually cultivating an audience and making money I stopped writing.  Was I testing the love my drunken hoard had for me, or the love I have for myself? Both, neither, stop trying to shrink me, me.  That all brings me to here.  I haven’t figured out how to do it yet, but I’m going to look into it after my 15 minutes are up.  I will commit to writing every day, and I will publish a new blog with my random daily musings on it.  However, I fully expect to get busy/bored/self destructive with it by tomorrow.  The topics will be literally whatever I feel like writing about.  Probably not in a dear diary way.  There may be short stories, there may be more ramblings of an incoherent idiot, there may be shopping or travel updates, or even hangovers that weren’t interesting enough for my main love @hotsauceandaspirin. Either way, I will attempt to be here daily, probably not posting links to facebook or insta right away, just existing here, for anyone to find. But since I do have a built in audience here at hot sauce, I’m using you to launch the brand new site,   So head over there in the future to see mostly non alcoholic ramblings from me to you about everything! Let’s see how it takes shape.

Now that my court mandated (not really) time is up, I will continue with my day, which may include a shower, 3 hours volunteering for local elections, a trip to the grocery store, and some time trying to figure out another stock to buy. I really know how to live when I’m not traveling the world getting hammered for research!

Have a wonderful whatever the hell day it is today.  Thanks for letting me practice my sweet typing skills with you today.

And for my hot sauce drunkies, I just got a package in the mail, from Australia, for a wine spray.  Excited to try that out this weekend, so stay tuned and don’t think of the mundane blog as cheating, just honing my skills so I can be even better for you!  Cheers, my drunkies!


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