Hot Sauce and Aspirin

Some tips and tricks to survive a hangover.

Good evening and happy Sunday, my favorite drunkies! I hope your fantasy football teams are doing better than some of mine tonight.

I don’t get too personal on here, mostly just regale you with heroic tales of drinking with friends and eliminating hangovers. Unfortunately, for right now they aren’t all I have to eliminate. I have some pretty gnarly food allergies, some are just sensitivities, some are anaphylactic. The issue is, the area between them is becoming more and more gray the older I get.

If you follow my Instagram page, you will know I was at a bottle share last night. One of the beers in the share, a bourbon barrel aged white chocolate cherry wheat wine, gave me a reaction that scared me to death. My allergist had recommended a total elimination diet for me years ago, to get a handle on my allergies and sensitivities, but I thought I could wing it. That’s a really dumb thing to do. After last night, and especially because it’s not the first time it has happened, I have realized, I can not wing it anymore. Which brings me to now, and here, and you, my favorite and most loyal friends and readers. I need to take a few weeks off. Alcohol in all forms has to go for a while, so I can add back in the different types and see what it is that wants me dead at 40! Please not Rosè or The One That They Call Zoe. I didn’t want to go dark without telling you all that I will be back. And that if you miss my voice and want to see what else I think about while I’m not drinking too much, you can head over to my other blog, and see what other trouble I can manage to find for myself!

Thank you for sticking with me, I’ll miss your comments, your Ad clicks, and having a reason to go to bars on a Tuesday. ❤️ See you soon, my drunkies!!!

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