Hot Sauce and Aspirin

Some tips and tricks to survive a hangover.

Happy Sunday, my lovely drunkies! It’s a thunderstorm kind of day here, perfect for resting and listening to the soothing (until the house shaking thunder) sounds of nature. You all saw the beginning of the weekend pics. After all was said and done the tally was , 2 cocktails At Halcyon, 2 bottles of June Rose at Perla, 2 top shelf margaritas at Guero’s, and then we came home and drank another bottle of champagne and some Buttercream Chardonnay. It was during the champagne that I thought to investigate the new “remedy” (remember, there is no true cure for a hangover, except not drinking) called Drinkwel. Now, this stuff is pretty intense. It comes in small packages of 3 vegetarian pills each. They smell like big time vitamins and you can really taste that going down. The powers that be recommend taking 3 while drinking and 3 just before bed, with water. Since I waited such a long time to take the first 3, I did not take the second three, which made me nervous, like I was rolling the dice even more than usual. It was very important that it worked because I had to go to a baby shower on Saturday morning. I guess pregnant people don’t know that Saturday mornings are for bed! My alarm went off at 9:30, and I was scared, like, don’t move, don’t pee, don’t think just see if you can tell some other way if you are going to make it. I slowly opened my eyes, turned off my phone alarm, and realized, I was FINE. Much like post Thrive +, I was tired, probably because drunk sleep is not sleep, but I was fine. I was so fine that the teeth brushing that often causes my hangovers to go off the rails was also fine. The shower was not restorative, just functional, because I didn’t require restoration. I was tired all day, but I was able to go make small talk with strangers and friends alike at the shower, meet up with out of town friends at Jester King and Treaty Oak, and get a delicious dinner and frozen G&T at Loro. Like anything else, it’s possible it was a fluke and I would have been fine regardless, but I know myself, and I’m pretty sure Drinkwel saved my weekend. As unscientific as my method is, those disgusting pills jumped to the tip top of my go to remedies. Of course, Saturday morning I rehydrated with a Nuun too, because you have to be hydrated! I hear that Pedialite is a solid hydration solution for adult drunkies and sick babies alike, so I’ll be picking up a bottle this week to test out for you. In the meantime here is a link to buy a reasonable amount of Drinkwel, rather than just a sample of it. I will be reordering today! Have a happy Sunday funday, do not drink and drive, make good choices! Cheers!

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