Hot Sauce and Aspirin

Some tips and tricks to survive a hangover.

You guys all know some monster, probably a CrossFit trainer, or football coach, or person who gave birth and left the hospital a size 2, a “no pain no gain”, “rub some dirt on it”, “nothing in life is free” kind of masochist. You know, the kind of person who says that exercise and sweating out the hangover is the best cure. As I am a person of my word, and told you all that if you give me a suggestion I would try it, and because I live in Texas and needed to paint my upstairs, I gave it a shot. Saturday I went to Round Top to the opening of the Blue Mule winery, and then to a friend’s parents house for some after party beers. 5 to be exact. And the better part of 2 bottles of low alcoholic content high sugar content wine. Because we are responsible ish, we got a super cute little room at a tiny inn behind a furniture store, called Coyote Station, it was adorable! Sunday morning we woke up and drove home. I was feeling it, but thankfully it was just a general malaise, not a full on hangover. I had a blowfish with me, but made the decision to just drink an iced coffee and hang in there. We arrived home around 11:30 and started painting at noon. Some amazing friends even came by to help. It was really rough going, we had to have a window open, so everyone was sweating. Around 3:30 we ran out of paint, so I ran to Home Depot, where I cheated a little bit and got an Energy Vitamin Water. You can buy your own via amazon if you follow that link. The b family of vitamins and caffeine finished off what the sweating was trying to do, and by 6:00 I was ready for our frozen drink party! I don’t recommend the sweat it out method, because it seems like you are taxing your body after you taxed your body, but there was something to the sweating and kind of forgetting your pain for a little while. So, I give it a 6/10. Add in some kind of hydrating energy drink (water didn’t help for me yesterday) and it goes up to an 8/10. Not the most fun way to pass the time while you recover, but we sure got a lot done! Of course not drinking would have solved the problem faster! Don’t forget, hydrate, it’s hot out there! Don’t drink and drive! And I love you, drunkies! Cheers! And enjoy some photos of the finished paint job!

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