Hot Sauce and Aspirin

Some tips and tricks to survive a hangover.

Thanks for dragging your hungover bodies over to meet me.  And if you are already hoping for that miracle cure, I have bed news.  I’m not hungover today.  I figured I would strike while the iron was sober and make the site, tell you about myself and the goals, get all the “I’m not a doctor” stuff out of the way.   That way, next time, it will be ON like that game that guy allegedly cheated at getting the high score on, so they stripped his honor and everyone decided they had an opinion about a cartoon ape throwing barrels for some reason.

My name is Julie.  I am 39, which is probably too old to not have nailed down a tried and true cure for hangovers.  But, any other old folks can attest to this, our bodies get stupid after 33, so all bets are off.  Of course, the best cure for a hangover is just not to drink. (disclosure #1).  And if you have a hard time not drinking, or drinking is affecting your personal or professional life, seek a medical professional, not a random elderly blogger. (#2).  And it should go without saying, I am not a doctor, I am not a scientist, I am not bought and paid for by big pharma (though I am very much open to that), little pharma, the evil water industry (the water industry is probably not evil) ((This is much harder than I thought it would be, quit being mad, imaginary big water.)) Obviously, I am not a grammarian either, what even is a double parentheses doing outside of a quote and in it’s own sentence? That’s insane. Back to who doesn’t own me, big pharma, little pharma, water, the TABC (that’s the part of the government in Texas who controls alcohol sales.  Basically, as of today, I receive no compensation for anything on this page, outside of the Amazon affiliate program and ad clicks. If a hangover remedy company asks me to review one of their products, I will let you know that is happening.  I get my remedy ideas from the extraordinary facebook targeted advertising, from friends, from hotel mini bars, and from samples I pick up here and there as one does.

Since this is a drinking/hangover blog, don’t expect it to be on any kind of schedule.  I go out a lot, our Fasten drivers know our house now (that’s like a local Uber company in Austin), I travel a great deal, and go to a lot of shows (Austin is also the live music capitol).  I also live in this great insulated little bubble of drinkers.  Austin has the dubious honor of drunkest city.  So, there will be PLENTY of opportunities to try out new remedies.  If you know of a great one send it over and I’ll try it out.  Keep in mind though, due to allergies, if it involves eggs, cashews or certain types of meat I will have to take your word for it.

In case you did come here looking for a cure or a tip and are still reading, disappointedly, I will leave you with a great prevention I recently discovered that doesn’t involve not drinking.  I subscribe to a monthly box, and in the January box were these fizzy vitamin tablets called Nuun.  I had the actual flu when the box arrived so I dropped one in 16 ounces of water and hoped the vitamins would help make all the other flu medicine work better.  It is entirely possible they did.  But it could have just been that the flu was running it’s course.  What the little tablet did do, was make me feel super hydrated, in a way I hadn’t felt in ages.  I thought, hmmmmm.  What would happen if I drank one of these and went out drinking?  So, I did just that.  Drank one, had 4 medium to high alcohol content beers, and felt 100% fine the next day.  I thought, promising, but what if I had more than 4?  So before a concert a couple days later, I drank another one, then had 5 medium to high alcohol content beers, and was 100% fine the next morning.  Suffice it to say, after that night, I bought a case of them! Here is a link, you know you want some too! Happy drinking, and remember, I am not a medical professional, if you think you need help, you probably do, and I am not it! If you just want to commiserate or find suggestions that may or may not work, welcome home, drunkies, I have been waiting for you!

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