Hot Sauce and Aspirin

Some tips and tricks to survive a hangover.

This weekend I went to the fabulous Las Vegas and brought zero fancy pants hangover remedies with me.  But before we get to Saturday and Sunday, Friday had to happen.  Friday was a combo friend’s birthday party and late punk show.  So, between the 2 things I managed to drink 2 IPA’s that were 7.2% abv, then 1 weak Italian beer, and a couple of Shiners.  Y’all know I live in Texas, right?  So, not a ton, but I threw ALL caution to the wind and drank no vitamin drinks  or even coffee before hand.  But it was because I wanted to try the “drink water while drinking” remedy.  So, during the festivities I did drink an entire liter of water, as well as a few glasses and sips here and there, and ate a huge Italian meal.  But still, I woke up queasy, tired and not at all ready for a weekend of excess and money loss.  Which makes me think, water alone, after a certain age, just doesn’t cut it, we need something to help make the water work.

Thinking quickly, I downed a Nuun and an iced coffee as we raced to the airport.  Still felt basically awful.  On the plane I put my smartie pants on and had a bloody mary, watched some Dr Who and took a nap.  Hair of the dog, y’all.  When we landed I felt alive again.  Which was good, because we proceeded to brunch at the Wicked Spoon, where I drank 4 mimosas, wandered to Margaritaville where I had a vodka drink, headed to the casino where I had a pinot noir (I make good choices, it’s fine), then house of Blues for a mule, and finally some delicious craft liquor drink that tasted like melting popsicles.  I was also up around $50 gambling at this point, not germane to the plot, but it seems important to note.  So, 9 drinks that day, I made sure to drink a Nuun before bed, along with a bunch of billion dollar hotel bottled water and woke up feeling basically fine.  A churro waffle and 3 cups of coffee put me totally to right and we headed back to the airport around $200 down from gambling (apparently I do better with drinks than sober), and straight to Chuy’s where well, you get the idea.  Nothing groundbreaking, but I have discovered that at least for me and my totally non medical and non scientific opinion, if you want to feel OK the next day, you need something with electrolytes and b-12.

We are heading off to the Caribbean in a little under a week, where I will test Thrive +, greasy breakfast, and swimming in cold water.  Any other remedies you would like to see tested, message me and I’m glad to give them a whirl.  In the meantime, take care of those livers, lovers! Cheers!

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