Hot Sauce and Aspirin

Some tips and tricks to survive a hangover.

We all made it! Great work, everyone! It’s Sunday, familial landmines have hopefully been avoided, everyone is beating hasty retreats back to their homes, cities, or states. If you hosted the holidays, congratulations on a quiet house, that probably stayed pretty clean all weekend, because you had the stress of unexpected pop ins all weekend. If you traveled for the holiday, you are probably home or en route now, about to sink into your couch or bed, and deeply breathe that sigh of relief. You did it. You made it! I’m so proud of you! I love my family, and we host thanksgiving every year for 18-25 people. I honestly enjoy seeing everyone, hearing the cacophony of voices, seeing the flow of alcohol and gravy, providing a home and gathering place for 3 generations of family and friends. But sparkling and shining for 4-5 days takes a toll! The Sunday after Thanksgiving is my favorite day of the year after my birthday. I relish the quiet. There is so much joy that comes from knowing the next knock on the door will be a political canvasser getting ready for the runoffs, or a window salesman. Someone I can ignore if I want!

This is not a typical hangover blog, because today I’m suffering from a social hangover more than an alcohol related one. And the best cure is quietly cocooning in my bed until the hunger drives me out. My husband knows that post Thanksgiving Sunday is sacred and vital to everyone’s survival. I recharge, alone, and he, who doesn’t seem to get the drainage that comes from being on for 4 days straight, spends the day on the couch with the dogs, who usually also spend the day sleeping and recharging. Sometimes I don’t even turn the TV on for hours, instead choosing to sit in silence.

Of course, 4-5 days of entertaining while the booze and gravy flows, means, a lot of those booze are flowing into me. So here’s what I do for the long game!

Wednesday my mom arrived, with her husband and adorable tiny dog, and a seemingly endless supply of wine. She’s the main popper over. Showing up as soon as I wake up, or walk in the door from running errands, or step into the shower. It’s like she has a tracker on me and picks times just to mess with me. She’s also incredibly sensitive, so even though the timing of her arrival is always the absolute least convenient moment, she has to be greeted enthusiastically. The fact she shows up with an endless supply of wine helps soften the blow of being dripping wet, or sound asleep, or also in the driveway, having just arrived home. How relatable is this post? Anyway, Wednesday…my mom and company arrived, and I had been anticipating it, so earlier in the day I went out and had a drink with a new friend, then had another drink with said friend at my house. Then convinced a different friend to come over and have a drink or 2. Eventually my husband came home and we had a drink. So before the arrival, I was 5 deep. After the arrival and subsequent departure (of which I remember very little) I was around 9 deep. Thankfully it was also only 9 o’clock. (That’s the trick for thanksgiving week, stop early.) I woke up on Thanksgiving, feeling tired and a little queasy, but totally able to rally. WAY back, in one of my first posts, I reviewed blowfish, but only based on other people’s experience with it. They didn’t care for it at all. But, I threw caution to the wind, and used some myself, because the Facebook and insta reviews are so great. I was honestly as underwhelmed as the people who reviewed it for me last year. It has aspirin, caffeine and something to calm your stomach. It claims to taste great and give you your mental clarity back. It tastes terrible, and only coffee and a gallon of water got the brain going. The one thing it did was curb the nausea. And thank goodness for that, it would have been a long day! But for me, it was 3 strikes for Blowfish, I won’t be ordering it again. It was so hard to choke down 16 ounces of it, and really had almost no effect on me.

Thanksgiving happened and with it came so much beer. I have a theory that the CBD oil I have been taking makes me not really want to drink as much as I normally do. (Yes, this is less, are you judging me? Because if so I’d like to point out that you are reading a hangover blog.) But, once the coffee kicked in, I took a milk thistle (Get some right now) and cracked open a beer. I didn’t keep count, but it wasn’t too crazy, since I was hosting, keeping an eye on everyone, making sure the new guy who came with some friends was ok, running down a trash bag from the neighbors, and generally being awesome. The trick that day was a lack of consistency and an early quit time. Which is the constant refrain for the weekend. Friday I drank wine, but took video game breaks and stopped by 8 PM. And Saturday, I tried! We had around a dozen people filter through, maybe 15. I was drinking a pretty high ABV beer called “melted snowman” which was actually pretty delicious. Then I switched to a much lower ABV, Shiner Ruby Redbird. I honestly had every intention of drinking a little too much because I got a new remedy in the mail that I wanted to try. But my body had other plans and decided 7:30 was a good time to stop drinking.

Edit to add: Another really important key to the whole weekend was not looking like I was hungover, tired, or over it. So, while hangover remedies, hydration, and quitting early all helped me feel ok, skincare made me look great too! Being 40 and having TERRIBLE life habits, (hello hangover blog) means I need some heavy duty help with my skin, otherwise I’m sure I would like a gremlin who ate after midnight. My secret skincare hangover cure is Rodan and Fields. I use redefine, eye cream, and lash boost! If you want to get some, here’s a link! How to look hot!

So here I am, Sunday, at 11:02 AM, with an emotional hangover. And no traces of a physical one. Am I growing up? Learning to quit early? Or was it just a fluke, or some self preservation, knowing I had to keep it together for so many days? Who knows, my amazing drunkies, who knows. The important thing is, we made it. So find a cozy spot, and enjoy the silence today! Soon I’ll be reviewing SB Remedy, so check back for that. In the meantime, drink lots of water, go buy some milk thistle and b-12, and don’t drink and drive! Happy Thanksgiving you sauced turkeys!


I was working the door collecting covers for a couple great bands last night, you know, like I do. (I don’t, but how would you know that?) It was a favor for the band Lunar Eclectic, since I set the gig up for them. They played with Trouble in the Streets, who are awesome, and you should totally check out.  Anyway, there I was at Skull Mechanix, one of my favorite newish breweries in Austin.  I love them because they are close to home, have an actual parking lot, delicious beer, and the owner is awesome.  Man, this blog is a commercial for Austin today.  Sorry, but it’s a cool city, hard not to end up promoting all the things I did on the journey to write this blog!  Since I am not TABC certified, I wasn’t in charge of checking ID’s, they had a guy for that, who coincidentally runs trivia out of the brewery and some other places and was a really fun person to spend the evening talking to.  You should go like his instagram and facebook pages, “Unknown Trivia”.  The takeaway isn’t that I am Ray Bensoning the shit out of this story, it’s that I was legally able to be drinking while being at the door, so I took a lot of advantage of that! Plus, the lead guy of Lunar Eclectic put me on his bar tab to thank me for collecting all their money. (They took in like $1200, I kind of wanted to rob them and go to Tijuana for the weekend. But free beer kept me honest.)

After all that name dropping, I thought we could all use a new paragraph.  The door was held and money was collected until around 11:15, and then I REALLY started using that tab.  All in all, since I wasn’t driving, and had been there from 7:30-1:30, I had around 7 beers.  Life was good, the music was danceable, and Brian and I headed home to face the inevitable hang over.  I left my milk thistle in Florida, and keep forgetting to buy more, so the hangover have been REAL lately.  In fact so real that even though I write a hangover blog, I didn’t want to put that hopelessness on here!  Around 2 AM I downed a Morning Recovery and some water and fell into an immediate sleep.  I slept until around 10, when I opened my eyes to the realization that, while the MR took the edge off, I was hungover.

You all might remember some months ago I butchered an attempt at a firefighter friend of mine’s tried and true hangover recovery system, “The Randall Method”. If you didn’t read that one, go back and see it, especially the comments where he roasted me and told me the proper technique. Having nothing to lose, and the desire for a nap anyway, I forced myself to get up, brush my teeth, rub my eyes with cold water for a minute, drink more water than I have in the previous 2 days, take an advil, pop an antacid and go back to sleep. You might think, after I have done all that, I will never get back to sleep. To that I say, you have never been truly hungover. Roughly 2 hours later, I awoke, blissfully not hungover, ready to share the good news with all of you, my favorite drunkies!

Today, I will be buying more milk thistle, to keep this party train on it’s rickety 40 year old tracks. I will also be heading to Total Wine to meet Zane Lamprey, one of my husband’s heroes, where I will be buying some Monkey Rum, and then probably drinking it from the safety of my house.  Godspeed my drunkies.  May the Randall method be with you all! Cheers!


Everyone has that one friend who says the best cure for a hangover is to keep drinking. In my case, that one friend is my husband. As a general rule, I hate this method. It seems so wrong. It seems like if you drank so much that your body is rebelling and punishing your transgressions, you really ought to listen to it and take the day off. On the other hand, sometimes you have a trifecta weekend, with a concert late on Friday, a Halloween party till 2 AM on Saturday, and an “October Fiesta” (because, Austin) combined with a birthday party on Sunday. And sometimes that trifecta comes after a 30 day detox. I’m back, drunkies! (Except for citrus, #HelloScurvy.) I couldn’t not drink at any of those things, and HOTD is a tried and true method used by party people the world over, so it deserved it’s day in the sun.

But did it work?

Kind of.

Friday night I had 1 beer, followed by 3 poinsettias (champagne/cranberry), then 2 more beers. Not enough to be hating life on Saturday, but enough to be tired and consider taking a break. Break considered, and break rejected. Next stop, Halloween party! where I drank 1 beer and 4-6 glasses of “witches brew”, which was made of purple glitter vodka mixed with prosecco. It was not for the faint of heart, and could definitely remove paint or battery acid. Sunday I woke up and my body was like, “look drunkie, I get that you were in hiding for a month, but I am so old and tired.” And I was like, “you’re right body, let’s snuggle.” UNTIL, the confirmation texts started coming in for the October Fiesta/birthday brewery day. Thankfully they came in with a side of a bagel and bottle of water. (Austin was on a city wide boil order last week, that was a whole thing.) So at 12:50 I dragged my exhausted ass up and at em, and found this adorable pair of boots!

After I emptied 3 of them I decided it was going to be OK, and kept on keeping on until around 9 PM. So, it works. But…

Sunday night my stomach was done with me. My brain was done with me. My kidneys were done with me. This morning I woke up at 8:30 to help sort mail in ballots for the midterms, please vote if you haven’t yet, and almost didn’t make it out of the house. And now, Monday night, I’ve been in bed since 8:00. I’m writing this not from my office computer, but from my phone. Because I can’t force myself to move.

So, yes. Hair of the dog works. But all it does is delay the inevitable crash, while taxing your body. My advice, if you’re gonna treat your organs like a dumpster, give them time to recover before you start all over again. But, if you have a trifecta weekend planned, buckle up and drink some caffeine, you can do it. Be sure you are buckled up in the back seat of a Rideshare though! I don’t want to lose you, because you specifically, are my most favorite drunkie!

I’m back, I’ve missed you! Go vote! Oh and my instagram will start being a thing again, so check it out too, @hot_sauce_and_aspirin.

Happy Halloween!

Good evening and happy Sunday, my favorite drunkies! I hope your fantasy football teams are doing better than some of mine tonight.

I don’t get too personal on here, mostly just regale you with heroic tales of drinking with friends and eliminating hangovers. Unfortunately, for right now they aren’t all I have to eliminate. I have some pretty gnarly food allergies, some are just sensitivities, some are anaphylactic. The issue is, the area between them is becoming more and more gray the older I get.

If you follow my Instagram page, you will know I was at a bottle share last night. One of the beers in the share, a bourbon barrel aged white chocolate cherry wheat wine, gave me a reaction that scared me to death. My allergist had recommended a total elimination diet for me years ago, to get a handle on my allergies and sensitivities, but I thought I could wing it. That’s a really dumb thing to do. After last night, and especially because it’s not the first time it has happened, I have realized, I can not wing it anymore. Which brings me to now, and here, and you, my favorite and most loyal friends and readers. I need to take a few weeks off. Alcohol in all forms has to go for a while, so I can add back in the different types and see what it is that wants me dead at 40! Please not Rosè or The One That They Call Zoe. I didn’t want to go dark without telling you all that I will be back. And that if you miss my voice and want to see what else I think about while I’m not drinking too much, you can head over to my other blog, and see what other trouble I can manage to find for myself!

Thank you for sticking with me, I’ll miss your comments, your Ad clicks, and having a reason to go to bars on a Tuesday. ❤️ See you soon, my drunkies!!!

Know it all types and successful authors, you know which category you fall into, say that the key to writing is sticking to a routine and writing every day.  My issue is that I like to imagine an audience, so writing just for myself every day seems sad and pointless.  Though, I suppose I could just pretend you are there reading my words and adoring my cleverness.  I decided yesterday, after it had been almost a month since my last blog post, that I was definitely sabotaging myself.  Once I realized I was actually cultivating an audience and making money I stopped writing.  Was I testing the love my drunken hoard had for me, or the love I have for myself? Both, neither, stop trying to shrink me, me.  That all brings me to here.  I haven’t figured out how to do it yet, but I’m going to look into it after my 15 minutes are up.  I will commit to writing every day, and I will publish a new blog with my random daily musings on it.  However, I fully expect to get busy/bored/self destructive with it by tomorrow.  The topics will be literally whatever I feel like writing about.  Probably not in a dear diary way.  There may be short stories, there may be more ramblings of an incoherent idiot, there may be shopping or travel updates, or even hangovers that weren’t interesting enough for my main love @hotsauceandaspirin. Either way, I will attempt to be here daily, probably not posting links to facebook or insta right away, just existing here, for anyone to find. But since I do have a built in audience here at hot sauce, I’m using you to launch the brand new site,   So head over there in the future to see mostly non alcoholic ramblings from me to you about everything! Let’s see how it takes shape.

Now that my court mandated (not really) time is up, I will continue with my day, which may include a shower, 3 hours volunteering for local elections, a trip to the grocery store, and some time trying to figure out another stock to buy. I really know how to live when I’m not traveling the world getting hammered for research!

Have a wonderful whatever the hell day it is today.  Thanks for letting me practice my sweet typing skills with you today.

And for my hot sauce drunkies, I just got a package in the mail, from Australia, for a wine spray.  Excited to try that out this weekend, so stay tuned and don’t think of the mundane blog as cheating, just honing my skills so I can be even better for you!  Cheers, my drunkies!


I have months worth of data that screams at me, “no one clicks on the posts with word play in the title, you nerd.” But I just can’t help myself! Last night I returned from a couples trip to Live Aqua Resort, in Cancún. It was essentially 4 days of drinking alcohol in the hot sun, and not drinking enough water, because when you hear, “don’t drink the water”, so many times in your life, you believe it. If the water didn’t come from a bottle that I saw with own eyes, I didn’t drink it. But the ice is water logic definitely was lost on me.

A typical day for our group was to wake up anywhere between 7 and 9:30, myself skewing toward 9:30, eat breakfast, head to the beach, the pool, the beach, the pool, a grill, the beach, the pool, the vip Lounge, dinner, the bar, bed. Rinse and repeat.

Rough on your body, maybe, but relaxing as hell! I packed some of the old standbys, but decided since I had a full 4 days of research, I would stick to one thing and see how it worked through everything. And for the purposes of you all, I decided to make that one thing small, cheap, and readily accessible. So, with the exception of one day when I drank a little nuun water, all I did was take 1 capsule of milk thistle every afternoon. That’s it. Just 1. And before you say, “well, if that’s all she did and she is still alive after 4 days in Mexico, she must not really drink”, I catalogued all of my drinks for Saturday, just for you nay sayers. Starting around 10 AM, I had 2 mimosas, followed by 2 beers, 2 strawberry daiquiris, 2 sexy bananas, 2 mojitos, 4 shots, 2 mango vodkas, a vodka cranberry, and I’m missing 3 other drinks that I marked off and can’t remember. You can see right off the bat, it’s a mix of liquors, wines and beers, along with loads of sugar. Basically everything you have been told not to do, I did it, for you. The insane thing was, I felt FINE Sunday morning. Fine enough to do it again, only this time I lost count at 7 drinks around 12:30 in the afternoon. I stayed up later Sunday, watching the Patriots get their butts handed to them by the friggen Lions. These truly are dark days for the Patriot’s Nation. But I digress. Milk thistle, trying to drink as much water as possible, and I guess the ready availability of food, is all you need to counter act a RIDICULOUS amount of alcohol consumption. I don’t recommend anyone has 20 plus drinks over the course of a day. And I don’t plan on repeating that bacchanalian feat anytime soon. In fact, I have had no alcohol at all today, and am feeling my body thank me. But, when you pack for your next cruise, all inclusive weekend, music festival, or bachelorette/bachelor weekend, grab a bottle of Milk Thistle from your grocery store or pharmacy, and hand them out daily to your friends. They will all thank you! I handed them out to everyone in my group, and they all loved not feeling hungover or foggy brained in the morning.

And now, enjoy some photos! And until next time, thanks for reading! Be safe out there, my drunkies!