Hot Sauce and Aspirin

Some tips and tricks to survive a hangover.

Know it all types and successful authors, you know which category you fall into, say that the key to writing is sticking to a routine and writing every day.  My issue is that I like to imagine an audience, so writing just for myself every day seems sad and pointless.  Though, I suppose I could just pretend you are there reading my words and adoring my cleverness.  I decided yesterday, after it had been almost a month since my last blog post, that I was definitely sabotaging myself.  Once I realized I was actually cultivating an audience and making money I stopped writing.  Was I testing the love my drunken hoard had for me, or the love I have for myself? Both, neither, stop trying to shrink me, me.  That all brings me to here.  I haven’t figured out how to do it yet, but I’m going to look into it after my 15 minutes are up.  I will commit to writing every day, and I will publish a new blog with my random daily musings on it.  However, I fully expect to get busy/bored/self destructive with it by tomorrow.  The topics will be literally whatever I feel like writing about.  Probably not in a dear diary way.  There may be short stories, there may be more ramblings of an incoherent idiot, there may be shopping or travel updates, or even hangovers that weren’t interesting enough for my main love @hotsauceandaspirin. Either way, I will attempt to be here daily, probably not posting links to facebook or insta right away, just existing here, for anyone to find. But since I do have a built in audience here at hot sauce, I’m using you to launch the brand new site,   So head over there in the future to see mostly non alcoholic ramblings from me to you about everything! Let’s see how it takes shape.

Now that my court mandated (not really) time is up, I will continue with my day, which may include a shower, 3 hours volunteering for local elections, a trip to the grocery store, and some time trying to figure out another stock to buy. I really know how to live when I’m not traveling the world getting hammered for research!

Have a wonderful whatever the hell day it is today.  Thanks for letting me practice my sweet typing skills with you today.

And for my hot sauce drunkies, I just got a package in the mail, from Australia, for a wine spray.  Excited to try that out this weekend, so stay tuned and don’t think of the mundane blog as cheating, just honing my skills so I can be even better for you!  Cheers, my drunkies!



I have months worth of data that screams at me, “no one clicks on the posts with word play in the title, you nerd.” But I just can’t help myself! Last night I returned from a couples trip to Live Aqua Resort, in Cancún. It was essentially 4 days of drinking alcohol in the hot sun, and not drinking enough water, because when you hear, “don’t drink the water”, so many times in your life, you believe it. If the water didn’t come from a bottle that I saw with own eyes, I didn’t drink it. But the ice is water logic definitely was lost on me.

A typical day for our group was to wake up anywhere between 7 and 9:30, myself skewing toward 9:30, eat breakfast, head to the beach, the pool, the beach, the pool, a grill, the beach, the pool, the vip Lounge, dinner, the bar, bed. Rinse and repeat.

Rough on your body, maybe, but relaxing as hell! I packed some of the old standbys, but decided since I had a full 4 days of research, I would stick to one thing and see how it worked through everything. And for the purposes of you all, I decided to make that one thing small, cheap, and readily accessible. So, with the exception of one day when I drank a little nuun water, all I did was take 1 capsule of milk thistle every afternoon. That’s it. Just 1. And before you say, “well, if that’s all she did and she is still alive after 4 days in Mexico, she must not really drink”, I catalogued all of my drinks for Saturday, just for you nay sayers. Starting around 10 AM, I had 2 mimosas, followed by 2 beers, 2 strawberry daiquiris, 2 sexy bananas, 2 mojitos, 4 shots, 2 mango vodkas, a vodka cranberry, and I’m missing 3 other drinks that I marked off and can’t remember. You can see right off the bat, it’s a mix of liquors, wines and beers, along with loads of sugar. Basically everything you have been told not to do, I did it, for you. The insane thing was, I felt FINE Sunday morning. Fine enough to do it again, only this time I lost count at 7 drinks around 12:30 in the afternoon. I stayed up later Sunday, watching the Patriots get their butts handed to them by the friggen Lions. These truly are dark days for the Patriot’s Nation. But I digress. Milk thistle, trying to drink as much water as possible, and I guess the ready availability of food, is all you need to counter act a RIDICULOUS amount of alcohol consumption. I don’t recommend anyone has 20 plus drinks over the course of a day. And I don’t plan on repeating that bacchanalian feat anytime soon. In fact, I have had no alcohol at all today, and am feeling my body thank me. But, when you pack for your next cruise, all inclusive weekend, music festival, or bachelorette/bachelor weekend, grab a bottle of Milk Thistle from your grocery store or pharmacy, and hand them out daily to your friends. They will all thank you! I handed them out to everyone in my group, and they all loved not feeling hungover or foggy brained in the morning.

And now, enjoy some photos! And until next time, thanks for reading! Be safe out there, my drunkies!

Cruising at 25,000 feet, waiting for my mimosa seems the perfect time to reflect on my last 24 hours. Or at least on last night. I was home in Austin for almost 2 weeks, a world record for me, but didn’t really manage to see many people. So last night, Brian got home from work stressed out and wanting to go out and get some cocktails. We called up (texted, what is this the 90’s?) a couple of our friends and hit the neighborhood movie theater bar, 400 Rabbits. They have amazing tequila drinks. Knowing we had to be up early to catch a flight back to The Burg today I was planning on 1 maybe 2 drinks, especially since I had already had a vodka soda at another friends house a few minutes before Brian called with the plan. Well, 1 maybe 2 turned into a total of 5. We got home, I packed, I’m curious as to what I will be wearing this week, and I decided it was the perfect opportunity to try Ready Q and see why people are hailing turmeric sad the new wonder food. First off, it looks like mustard, or curry, which makes sense, as turmeric is from India and looks like orange ginger. Secondly, the smell is intense. I was scared. I made Brian take a sip first, he said just don’t smell it and it’s fine. So, I plugged my nose and went for it. Backtracking a little, the “dose” is 2 bottles. The wasted packaging is kind of annoying, just do one bigger bottle. Also, once you get one bottle down and have to psych yourself up for another one, it’s tough. But, wanting to give an honest review, and knowing I had to be up early, I powered through and drank them both. One thing I really liked is that it didn’t seem to have any stimulants in it, no caffeine, no taurine, so I thought I would probably get a good night sleep. And mostly I did. But I had the scariest, most vivid dreams ever, and I’m not really a nightmare person. Plus, I had to pee 5 times between 10:00 and 11:30, so clearly it was doing it’s thing, making my body work hard to clear out the booze. The big test is always the morning, right? Since I was up for a while peeing, then with nightmares, I was especially worried. Turns out, the fruit, b Vitamins and turmeric works! It felt like I hadn’t even had a single drink the night before. I’m going to order more, because I’m curious if the dreams were from the drink or unrelated, and the lack of a hangover warrants a closer look!

In a couple of hours we will be touching down in Tampa and heading over the bridge to our new house, where we will have more opportunities to test out more “cures”. But in the meantime, have fun, don’t drink and drive, and be sure to check out my Instagram, @hot_sauce_and_aspirin. Thanks for joining me on this journey, and this flight! Till next time, my favorite drunkies!

Hello my favorite drunkies!  There is no excuse for my lack of posting lately, but obviously I am going to make one anyway.  We closed on a new house today, and it has been a whirlwind of activity getting everything ready.  My sister,, found this little green bungalow in the historic uptown district of St. Petersburg Florida, and she sent me the link on August 8th.  We went under contract on the 9th I think, and we closed today!  In between then and now I did do some fabulous things, like throw a secret prohibition party where I gave all my guests hangover remedies to make them human guinea pigs, traveled to the world famous Ocean City boardwalk, hung out solo in Florida to get inspections done on the house, got day drunk with my neighborhood friends on the first day of school, but little of it was blog worthy, because I didn’t drink enough to ever need a cure.  Shut up about that being a cure, that’s dumb! Live fully, drink deeply, all that stuff that should be printed on coasters with pictures of whisky and wine glasses.  Wait, did I just invent a new coaster idea?  Trademark hot sauce and aspirin. But through it all, I never stopped thinking of you guys, especially as you all kept messaging me with cures, ideas, likes, and stories.  I loved all the communication from everyone this summer, please keep it up!  The easiest way to reach me is my instagram, hot_sauce_and_aspirin.

So why am I posting today?  Partly to process this huge thing that just happened, partly to say thank you for helping me accomplish this lifelong dream of being a writer/professional drinker, but mostly just so you don’t forget about me and think that I have become a healthy person who uses exercise or yoga as a way to decompress instead of wine or craft beer.  Also, I mentioned the guinea pigs from the party.  I gave 8 people cures ranging from milk thistle pre party, to 6 capsules of drinkwel post party.  I myself took 1 capsule of milk thistle around 3 PM, then drank a bottle of Morning Recovery.  The results across the board were positive, with the milk thistle person getting kicked out of the pool because she got a migraine before the party ever started due to a perfume sensitivity.  The people who took Drinkwel felt great the next morning, with no real difference between people who took 3 capsules and people who took 6, all had a ton of energy.  The people who took Morning Recovery felt not at all hungover, but very tired the next morning.  I felt absolutely fine the next morning, but did end up taking a nap mid day.  My theory is that while Morning Recovery (MR) and Drinkwel both have Taurine in them, MR is in a liquid form, so it’s gonna hit your system faster than the Drinkwel, which is in a capsule.  So, you can fall asleep just fine with MR, but after a few hours, that Taurine is going to hit your body pretty hard and wake you up just rearing to go.  Then you are going to crash and need a nap.  But either is gold, and personally even with the spotty sleep, Morning Recovery works so much better on my 40 year old body! I actually ordered another full bottle of Drinkwel, and another case of Morning Recovery last week.  (Milk Thistle can be found at any grocery store or health food store.)

The third reason for this masterpiece in modern American non fiction is, I would really love to get some new guest bloggers.  I have had some offer but never follow up, except for Nikki  (thank you, Nikki!).  There will be great hangover related swag for accepted entries!  As you can imagine, drinking as a job takes a lot of time and a little toll on my body, so if I can pass the baton on a monthly basis, I would be so glad to do so.  If you would like to create an entry, use the contact form here or message me via instagram.  As much as the content on here is “adult”, I try to keep it light and not too offensive, unless you hate drinking, ride sharing, Austin, traveling, or me personally, in which case, WHY ARE YOU HERE?

As always, don’t drink and drive, and stay tuned because I learned about a non pharmaceutical remedy from one of my readers involving lemon juice and bitters, as well as a vitamin based one called Plan A, both of which will be featured in September.  Have a great rest of the week, my lovelies!

It’s 9:00 on a Saturday…is that copy-written? Does that copyright extend to 9 AM? Happy Saturday, my favorite drunkies! You made it to the weekend, you are educating yourselves on being prepared for tonight. You are best friends with Uber drivers. I am so proud of you.

Why so chipper on a Saturday morning? Morning recovery! (photo credit to Urban Outfitters, And the Internet.)

The bottle says you can take it at any point in the night, while drinking, before, after. But the cap says to drink it before bed. And I don’t know about you all, but after I’ve been drinking I like very simple instructions like that. How does it work? It has the AMAZING and much beloved, b complex vitamins. It also has DHM which does something to block the brain from being affected. Science! It also has prickly pear, which maybe helps with the taste. Anyway, this stuff is legit. And apparently it was created by a former engineer at Tesla, so extra points for smartness. The one thing it has, like Drinkwel, that I just don’t really understand, is Taurine. My non science brain thinks its to give you energy in the morning. But the reality is, like Drinkwel, it woke me up at 6 AM. The benefit of the early rise is an opportunity to drink a bunch of water, try out the Randall method, and go back to sleep. The drawback is, I don’t want to be awake at 6 AM the next day! Another minus is the taste. It’s strongly vitamin flavored. I held my nose and didn’t taste it, but people in the room smelled it and said it was strong. Honestly, it’s worth the few minor negatives though, because here we are now at 9:30, and I’m still feeling amazing! I have energy, no headache, a completely clear head, and the ability to give you a positive blog again, it’s been a minute since that last happened.

By now you are probably pretty sold on this adorable blue bottle and their clever advertising. Check out their webpage,, it’s really creative, and they are not paying me to say so. Though, if they want to, I’m for sale. That should fill in all the science gaps. As for how I came to be needing this god send? Book club strikes again!

We read a book called “Hot Mess” so obviously I became a hot mess. Not pictured are 7 other bottles of wine that we went through! I was “smart” and steered clear of reds after last week. Maybe that also helped? Know your limitations, people! Either way, I’m alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic, and ready to attack my Saturday! Have a great weekend, drunkies! And be careful out there.

I turned 40 yesterday. It’s terrible. I should definitely invent time travel and go back to 39! Seriously, you wouldn’t think 1 day makes a difference, but here I am, hungover, blogging from close proximity to a bathroom, after splitting a bottle of really good wine with a friend, and having 2 drinks with dinner. Since the preventive method didn’t work, (much like the birth control, it is important to use it all the time, but sometimes a little something can sneak through.) I thought, this is a good opportunity to try a fan suggestion. Randall is a firefighter #FirstRespondersRock, who has had a few drinks and then had to get up and function at 100% the next day. He swears by waking up a couple hours before you have to be up, drinking as much water as humanly possible, taking an Advil, and going back to sleep. This morning I woke up at 6:30, and was dead. My handy dandy prevention pills just laughing at me from somewhere besides my liver and stomach. I figured, I’m dead anyway, and have been 40 now for an entire day, I’ll try it your way, Randall. So I dragged my sick little self out to the kitchen, forced myself to drink an entire pint of water with an Advil, closed the blinds and went back to sleep. I will say, I was able to sleep, which normally wouldn’t happen. And I slept off and on, but mostly on, until 10:30. At 10:30 I sort of cautiously checked in with my body and seemed ok. But I was not. So, I thought, something has to work, right? 1/2 of a bottle of wine can’t be my undoing! This isn’t how my story ends.

And it isn’t. I drank a glass of water with a Nuun tablet, I ate some tums, I took a shower, I stayed close to the bathroom. And here we are at 12:45, still hungover. But, less hungover than I was 2 hours ago… Right now you are thinking, “Julie, what’s the lesson? What’s the cure? Where is the hope? What do I do? What have I done?” The lesson is, stay 39! And if you can’t do that, drink more water, less alcohol, and hang on tight, it’s going to be a rough day! Thanks for coming on the journey with me, my favorite drunkies! I love you all, and you know it’s not the alcohol talking.

If you saw yesterday’s teaser, you saw some photographic evidence of a good time. Around the time of the blurb I switched to wine, good idea, right? I’m a genius! So, there I was ordering a bottle of wine to close down the night, thinking, I know I promised I would use açaí as this week’s drinking aid, but I really want to function tomorrow, and what if it doesn’t work? Rational drunkies are rare gems. Since I was using my smarty pants, but I didn’t want to totally tank the experiment, I opted for 1/3 the recommended dosage of Drinkwel with my last glass of wine. That’s 2 capsules, FYI. It did the trick. I woke up feeling like I wasn’t going to die, but still had enough of a hangover to try the supposed miracle food. Açaí has a lot of magnesium, potassium, fiber, calcium, protein and vitamin A. It is missing the critical b complex and milk thistle, but I got that in the Drinkwel last night, so I figured it might be ok. Now, I’m not a huge fad foodie, and this weekend was my first foray into açaí, so it was a surprise that it was served up like ice cream. Ice cream that no one wants. It’s like the pineapple of pizza toppings. It’s still pizza, but no one really wants it. However, that’s not the point of all this. The point is, I feel marginally better. And as time continues to pass that feeling of betterment increases. Is it a magical cure? No. Will it help get you over the hump? Probably. Is it worth it? I don’t know your life. Do you like pineapple pizza?

As always, thank you for reading, liking and following. Hop over to Instagram and like me over there @hot_sauce_and_aspirin and tag your favorite drink pics with #HelloDrunkies so I can see what you are up to. Don’t drink and drive, be a good citizen of the earth, etc! I love you, drunkies!