Hot Sauce and Aspirin

Some tips and tricks to survive a hangover.

It’s odorless, it’s colorless, you can develop somewhat of a tolerance to it. No I’m not talking about iocane powder, I’m talking about vodka. Specifically, I’m talking about the age old tradition, allegedly born in the US, of sneaking vodka into OJ to catch a buzz on the DL. From what google and wikipedia could tell me, there are rumors that fliers in WWII would sneak the illicit treat into their cups, also that the men who would operate dangerous machinary in oil fields would add it in with their juice as the day wore on, and then they would use a screwdriver to stir their drink. I guess you can’t get tetanus from drinking rust. In the 1940’s there were at least 2 different news articles declaring the screwdriver to be the new hit drink of America. Part of me wonders if this sneaky elixir wasn’t a holdover from the days of prohibition, but google was unable to confirm that suspicion. Either way, orange growers of the country rejoice that this drink is one that took a firm hold and stuck around. Now sneaky drinkers everywhere can partake wherever they might be, and no one will be any the wiser, until they start talking. Just make sure you aren’t sneaking it to fly planes, operate dangerous machinery, or drive your vehicle! Otherwise, enjoy Dec 14th, National Screwdriver Day responsibly. Remember, if you have an early morning tomorrow be sure to drink it with some milk thistle, keep water on hand, and break out your bottle of Cheers, formerly known as Thrive+. Cheers, fabulous drunkies, and happy National Screwdriver Day!

2 thoughts on “National Screwdriver Day

  1. I love me those screwdrivers! My parents use to make them all the time at their parties in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

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    1. First alcohol I ever drank was screwdrivers!

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