Hot Sauce and Aspirin

Some tips and tricks to survive a hangover.

I have to take a minute before I start, to say thank you to Stouthaus Coffee for being cool with the 20 people taking up all their table space with our laptops.  I usually write from home, planes, hotels, and once the bathroom (I have IBD, sometimes I spend a lot of time in there!) Today I needed to vacate my house for a couple hours, so I decided it would be an excellent time to catch up on posts over a couple beers.  My husband suggested Stouthaus, since they have coffee and beer, so here I am, joining the sea of laptops, taking up space, looking important, drinking the prettiest beer ever! Shout out to people who “work from home” from bars, that’s such a smart choice, I hope you are ordering something every hour or so to pay for that privilege.  I certainly have been, which makes me think I should have ubered here, but I have left my car in this parking lot more than once!

Moving on, this past weekend was Easter for Roman Catholics and Christians, it was also Passover, so happy holidays if you align with any of those things.  I personally am not religious, but am a sucker for tradition, so we travel to west Texas whenever possible for Easter fun.  My best friend in the universe lives in Odessa, and obviously going there spells shenanigans.  Normally I pack all my best remedies to help us muddle through.  This year everything sneaked up on me, and I found myself shoving clothes in a bag Friday morning as we tried to get out of town.  No remedies, no vitamins, no plan!  We were unofficially hoping that Friday would be the crazy night, so if we were hungover we could still function to hunt for eggs then drive home on Sunday.  It’s a 5 hour drive from Austin to Odessa, Texas is huge.  I have done that drive hungover more than once, it is terrible.  Friday night though, we were so tired.  5 hours in the car, followed by a heavy pasta dinner with Nikki’s parents (we had to see them if we were in town!), and we all came back to the house sleepy and full.  So, I tried to rally, but ended up calling it at 10 PM, and heading to bed.  The obvious part of this story is that meant Saturday we were all well rested and ready for fun.  We loaded up in a car and headed out to buy tiny bottles of liquor for an adult Easter egg hunt, hit the grocery store for beer and snacks and started our day.  At the grocery store I bought some milk thistle, a b complex vitamin, and a hydration/vitamin power, figured it would have to do.  We stuck mostly to beer, despite a successful bottle hunt, but added a dark and stormy and a dirty martini to the mix.   I also made sure to take the vitamins before we started and add in lots of extra water.  Plus, my son brought his switch which has Just Dance on it, so we danced our drunk asses off for HOURS.  So much fun was had by all, and we stumbled off to bed around 2 AM.  Y’all, Milk Thistle and B complex, I know I have told you this before, but it works!  Especially if you add extra water to the mix.  The best part of this particular remedy is that it’s cheap.  You simply buy bottles of vitamins and take one capsule of each every time you drink.  Hell, you can take them every day if you want, they are vitamins, it won’t hurt you! I woke up around 11 the next morning, feeling fine.  Nikki, who can have 2 drinks and end up hungover, was fine, Randall and Brian were also fine.  If you are ever stuck out of town with none of your go to remedies, just hit up a grocery store, target or pharmacy and get some b complex and milk thistle, you will thank me!  If you are allergic to ragweed, be careful with the thistle, it can cause a reaction. We wrapped up the weekend with an Easter Egg hunt at the park and a 5 hour drive, happy, tired, and not at all hung over!  It was a springtime miracle! I hope you are all having happy, healthy, non hung over spring times as well.  If you are, let me know what remedies are working for you, and what your favorite drinks are.  See you soon, my favorite drunkies!

2 thoughts on “Odessa, not the one in Russia

  1. Milk thistle huh? I’m not a big drinker, I’m such a lightweight that two glasses of wine and I’m done, lol. But as I’ve gotten older it seems that any alcohol makes me hungover and that IS NOT something I want to tolerate. That drive though, ugh my son use to live in Odessa when he worked in the oil fields and a four hour drive from El Paso to Odessa would kill me. He’d drive back home every weekend which worried me to hell, so many accidents on the highways. I’m glad you had a spectacular time with your bestest friend!

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    1. Yeah, milk thistle is the bomb. Just take one before you have the wine and you should be good to go, especially if you are just drinking a couple glasses.

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