Hot Sauce and Aspirin

Some tips and tricks to survive a hangover.

A couple weekends ago the weather was spring time rain multiplied by 10, because it’s Texas and our weather is bigger than your weather.  Not wanting to skip on fun and friends we organized a board game day at Skull Mechanix.  If you have not gone there yet, you are really missing out. They brew a huge variety of delicious beers, have a giant welcoming space, host great bands at night, and are run by some talented guys.  Seriously, go check them out.  There we were, board games, lyft drop off, delicious beer, great friends, ready to laze the day away.  I decided it would be a great opportunity to really give Over EZ the test it deserved.  Myself, I think Brian, and our friend we call Golf Guy all took one with our first beer, and proceeded to stay for several more drinks while we played Joking Hazard, Organ Attack and of course, Trivial Pursuit.  Around 7 we tore ourselves away from the brewery and headed back to our house to play Jeopardy on the Switch and have a couple more beers.  We stuck to beer all day, which is good, but drank enough to really give the remedy a test drive.  Eventually, around 11 PM, I had a glass of water and went off to bed.  Around midnight our smaller dog decided the thunder was too scary to live, and he started crying.  I went down a couple times, my husband went down a couple times, finally at 6, my husband gave up and went and slept with him downstairs so we could all get at least a little rest.  All of that should have spelled hangover, but it didn’t, at least he and I were totally fine the next day.  Golf Guy slept over, but left around 6 as well, thanks Horatio Canine, so I didn’t know if the capsule had worked for him.  That is, I didn’t know until days later when I received this text; “Either that hangover vitamin or the water, or both, kept the hangover away last weekend.  Wish I had one last night.”  I am 3 for 3 with it, and everyone else seems to agree!  If you want to purchase a sample pack to try for yourself, here is a link.  I am going to pick up a larger order of it, the packaging makes it excellent for party favors!  And if you ever happen to be in the Austin area, go check out Skull Mechanix.  You can tell them I said hi, they will know who I am.  (That makes sense if you read yesterday’s entry.) In the meantime, one of my friends sent me a possible remedy that sounds disgusting but doesn’t cost anything, that I plan to try in May, so keep checking back and sending me ideas for remedies or places to check out in Austin or St Pete.  Thanks, my favorite drunkies!

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