Hot Sauce and Aspirin

Some tips and tricks to survive a hangover.

Leaving aside the madness that was Uber, I actually had a pretty great time while in the greater LA area. (Check out LA Stories part 1 for details if you are wondering how I seemingly dropped us all in here, mid story.) After the Ellen show, my sister scored us tickets to Disneyland for their 90’s nite. Imagine the happiest place on earth. Now imagine it without any little kids or lines. Now imagine that, but there is 90’s pop blaring, and everyone is dressed like an extra from Blossom or Fresh Prince. Then add special 90’s snacks and a free color blocked fanny pack, and you are almost to how great the event was! I didn’t take a picture of just the fanny pack, so enjoy my VIP swag from Ellen too.

My sister is a Disney super fan, and she discovered these after hours parties a few years ago. I’m always skeptical when things that are already expensive try to figure out ways to take more of my money. However, in the case of a Disney after hours party, give them all your money. In 4 hours you can easily ride every ride in the park, meet most of the characters, walk around unencumbered by massive crowds, and eat all the food you want without waiting in monster lines or fighting for a table. For this specific party, each land had its own soundtrack, which was really cool. And the Main Street square had a DJ who kept a crowd jumping, even in the rain. Check out the sweet 90’s banner.

Recently, we were at Disney World for one of their ticketed after hour events, and we rode all the mountains except splash, brrrr, then were the only people on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride for 5 boats in either direction. If you can afford it, (and let’s be honest, if you can afford Disney in general, you can likely budget in another $100 to experience the perfect line free night), you should definitely do it. Usually the after hours events are not theme parties, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t get to see Launchpad McQuack, Louis, or Hades. Note the staff in epic color blocked nostalgia.

Keep an eye open Here for Magic Kingdom or other Florida Disney World events, or fire up the old google for other parks or to see what die hard Disney fans are getting hyped about.

In addition to the totally rad 90’s party, it also ended up being Food and Wine fest at Disneyland’s California Adventure, so you know there will be an LA Story part 3 coming soon! And, for my favorite drunkies, this one definitely involves drinking! Cheers!

Oh, and since it’s “What Else? Wednesday”, if you are looking for a new blog to follow, check out my friend over at A Little Bit Of Nothing!

One thought on “LA Stories: Part 2

  1. leighdelo says:

    It’s crazy reading that they’re such a well-oiled machine with the production of Ellen, but I guess it makes sense. They have a certain aesthetic they’re going for and time is money, so they push push push.

    And thank you for the sweet name drop! I feel internet famous now! ❤ -A

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