Hot Sauce and Aspirin

Some tips and tricks to survive a hangover.

I was working the door collecting covers for a couple great bands last night, you know, like I do. (I don’t, but how would you know that?) It was a favor for the band Lunar Eclectic, since I set the gig up for them. They played with Trouble in the Streets, who are awesome, and you should totally check out.  Anyway, there I was at Skull Mechanix, one of my favorite newish breweries in Austin.  I love them because they are close to home, have an actual parking lot, delicious beer, and the owner is awesome.  Man, this blog is a commercial for Austin today.  Sorry, but it’s a cool city, hard not to end up promoting all the things I did on the journey to write this blog!  Since I am not TABC certified, I wasn’t in charge of checking ID’s, they had a guy for that, who coincidentally runs trivia out of the brewery and some other places and was a really fun person to spend the evening talking to.  You should go like his instagram and facebook pages, “Unknown Trivia”.  The takeaway isn’t that I am Ray Bensoning the shit out of this story, it’s that I was legally able to be drinking while being at the door, so I took a lot of advantage of that! Plus, the lead guy of Lunar Eclectic put me on his bar tab to thank me for collecting all their money. (They took in like $1200, I kind of wanted to rob them and go to Tijuana for the weekend. But free beer kept me honest.)

After all that name dropping, I thought we could all use a new paragraph.  The door was held and money was collected until around 11:15, and then I REALLY started using that tab.  All in all, since I wasn’t driving, and had been there from 7:30-1:30, I had around 7 beers.  Life was good, the music was danceable, and Brian and I headed home to face the inevitable hang over.  I left my milk thistle in Florida, and keep forgetting to buy more, so the hangover have been REAL lately.  In fact so real that even though I write a hangover blog, I didn’t want to put that hopelessness on here!  Around 2 AM I downed a Morning Recovery and some water and fell into an immediate sleep.  I slept until around 10, when I opened my eyes to the realization that, while the MR took the edge off, I was hungover.

You all might remember some months ago I butchered an attempt at a firefighter friend of mine’s tried and true hangover recovery system, “The Randall Method”. If you didn’t read that one, go back and see it, especially the comments where he roasted me and told me the proper technique. Having nothing to lose, and the desire for a nap anyway, I forced myself to get up, brush my teeth, rub my eyes with cold water for a minute, drink more water than I have in the previous 2 days, take an advil, pop an antacid and go back to sleep. You might think, after I have done all that, I will never get back to sleep. To that I say, you have never been truly hungover. Roughly 2 hours later, I awoke, blissfully not hungover, ready to share the good news with all of you, my favorite drunkies!

Today, I will be buying more milk thistle, to keep this party train on it’s rickety 40 year old tracks. I will also be heading to Total Wine to meet Zane Lamprey, one of my husband’s heroes, where I will be buying some Monkey Rum, and then probably drinking it from the safety of my house.  Godspeed my drunkies.  May the Randall method be with you all! Cheers!


2 thoughts on “The Old One-Two

  1. romcomdojo says:

    Oh man, $1,200 at the door?! In my band days we were lucky to pull $400 max, and those were the ones we truly celebrated for days! 🤣

    Prior to turning 40, I was one of those “I don’t get hangovers, I guess I’m just lucky” types, but I swear as soon I hit the big 4-0, hangovers started making up for lost time. Nursing one right this moment and I feel like I just rolled out of a crypt!

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    1. I have a friend who swears by drinking a coke with chocolate syrup if you end up with a hangover that time doesn’t quickly heal. I haven’t had the necessary ingredients ever, but you should try it and report back! Thanks for reading! And yeah, it was a great night for the band, but they are amazing at PR.

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