Hot Sauce and Aspirin

Some tips and tricks to survive a hangover.

Everyone has that one friend who says the best cure for a hangover is to keep drinking. In my case, that one friend is my husband. As a general rule, I hate this method. It seems so wrong. It seems like if you drank so much that your body is rebelling and punishing your transgressions, you really ought to listen to it and take the day off. On the other hand, sometimes you have a trifecta weekend, with a concert late on Friday, a Halloween party till 2 AM on Saturday, and an “October Fiesta” (because, Austin) combined with a birthday party on Sunday. And sometimes that trifecta comes after a 30 day detox. I’m back, drunkies! (Except for citrus, #HelloScurvy.) I couldn’t not drink at any of those things, and HOTD is a tried and true method used by party people the world over, so it deserved it’s day in the sun.

But did it work?

Kind of.

Friday night I had 1 beer, followed by 3 poinsettias (champagne/cranberry), then 2 more beers. Not enough to be hating life on Saturday, but enough to be tired and consider taking a break. Break considered, and break rejected. Next stop, Halloween party! where I drank 1 beer and 4-6 glasses of “witches brew”, which was made of purple glitter vodka mixed with prosecco. It was not for the faint of heart, and could definitely remove paint or battery acid. Sunday I woke up and my body was like, “look drunkie, I get that you were in hiding for a month, but I am so old and tired.” And I was like, “you’re right body, let’s snuggle.” UNTIL, the confirmation texts started coming in for the October Fiesta/birthday brewery day. Thankfully they came in with a side of a bagel and bottle of water. (Austin was on a city wide boil order last week, that was a whole thing.) So at 12:50 I dragged my exhausted ass up and at em, and found this adorable pair of boots!

After I emptied 3 of them I decided it was going to be OK, and kept on keeping on until around 9 PM. So, it works. But…

Sunday night my stomach was done with me. My brain was done with me. My kidneys were done with me. This morning I woke up at 8:30 to help sort mail in ballots for the midterms, please vote if you haven’t yet, and almost didn’t make it out of the house. And now, Monday night, I’ve been in bed since 8:00. I’m writing this not from my office computer, but from my phone. Because I can’t force myself to move.

So, yes. Hair of the dog works. But all it does is delay the inevitable crash, while taxing your body. My advice, if you’re gonna treat your organs like a dumpster, give them time to recover before you start all over again. But, if you have a trifecta weekend planned, buckle up and drink some caffeine, you can do it. Be sure you are buckled up in the back seat of a Rideshare though! I don’t want to lose you, because you specifically, are my most favorite drunkie!

I’m back, I’ve missed you! Go vote! Oh and my instagram will start being a thing again, so check it out too, @hot_sauce_and_aspirin.

Happy Halloween!

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