Hot Sauce and Aspirin

Some tips and tricks to survive a hangover.

Cruising at 25,000 feet, waiting for my mimosa seems the perfect time to reflect on my last 24 hours. Or at least on last night. I was home in Austin for almost 2 weeks, a world record for me, but didn’t really manage to see many people. So last night, Brian got home from work stressed out and wanting to go out and get some cocktails. We called up (texted, what is this the 90’s?) a couple of our friends and hit the neighborhood movie theater bar, 400 Rabbits. They have amazing tequila drinks. Knowing we had to be up early to catch a flight back to The Burg today I was planning on 1 maybe 2 drinks, especially since I had already had a vodka soda at another friends house a few minutes before Brian called with the plan. Well, 1 maybe 2 turned into a total of 5. We got home, I packed, I’m curious as to what I will be wearing this week, and I decided it was the perfect opportunity to try Ready Q and see why people are hailing turmeric sad the new wonder food. First off, it looks like mustard, or curry, which makes sense, as turmeric is from India and looks like orange ginger. Secondly, the smell is intense. I was scared. I made Brian take a sip first, he said just don’t smell it and it’s fine. So, I plugged my nose and went for it. Backtracking a little, the “dose” is 2 bottles. The wasted packaging is kind of annoying, just do one bigger bottle. Also, once you get one bottle down and have to psych yourself up for another one, it’s tough. But, wanting to give an honest review, and knowing I had to be up early, I powered through and drank them both. One thing I really liked is that it didn’t seem to have any stimulants in it, no caffeine, no taurine, so I thought I would probably get a good night sleep. And mostly I did. But I had the scariest, most vivid dreams ever, and I’m not really a nightmare person. Plus, I had to pee 5 times between 10:00 and 11:30, so clearly it was doing it’s thing, making my body work hard to clear out the booze. The big test is always the morning, right? Since I was up for a while peeing, then with nightmares, I was especially worried. Turns out, the fruit, b Vitamins and turmeric works! It felt like I hadn’t even had a single drink the night before. I’m going to order more, because I’m curious if the dreams were from the drink or unrelated, and the lack of a hangover warrants a closer look!

In a couple of hours we will be touching down in Tampa and heading over the bridge to our new house, where we will have more opportunities to test out more “cures”. But in the meantime, have fun, don’t drink and drive, and be sure to check out my Instagram, @hot_sauce_and_aspirin. Thanks for joining me on this journey, and this flight! Till next time, my favorite drunkies!

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