Hot Sauce and Aspirin

Some tips and tricks to survive a hangover.

Hello my favorite drunkies!  There is no excuse for my lack of posting lately, but obviously I am going to make one anyway.  We closed on a new house today, and it has been a whirlwind of activity getting everything ready.  My sister,, found this little green bungalow in the historic uptown district of St. Petersburg Florida, and she sent me the link on August 8th.  We went under contract on the 9th I think, and we closed today!  In between then and now I did do some fabulous things, like throw a secret prohibition party where I gave all my guests hangover remedies to make them human guinea pigs, traveled to the world famous Ocean City boardwalk, hung out solo in Florida to get inspections done on the house, got day drunk with my neighborhood friends on the first day of school, but little of it was blog worthy, because I didn’t drink enough to ever need a cure.  Shut up about that being a cure, that’s dumb! Live fully, drink deeply, all that stuff that should be printed on coasters with pictures of whisky and wine glasses.  Wait, did I just invent a new coaster idea?  Trademark hot sauce and aspirin. But through it all, I never stopped thinking of you guys, especially as you all kept messaging me with cures, ideas, likes, and stories.  I loved all the communication from everyone this summer, please keep it up!  The easiest way to reach me is my instagram, hot_sauce_and_aspirin.

So why am I posting today?  Partly to process this huge thing that just happened, partly to say thank you for helping me accomplish this lifelong dream of being a writer/professional drinker, but mostly just so you don’t forget about me and think that I have become a healthy person who uses exercise or yoga as a way to decompress instead of wine or craft beer.  Also, I mentioned the guinea pigs from the party.  I gave 8 people cures ranging from milk thistle pre party, to 6 capsules of drinkwel post party.  I myself took 1 capsule of milk thistle around 3 PM, then drank a bottle of Morning Recovery.  The results across the board were positive, with the milk thistle person getting kicked out of the pool because she got a migraine before the party ever started due to a perfume sensitivity.  The people who took Drinkwel felt great the next morning, with no real difference between people who took 3 capsules and people who took 6, all had a ton of energy.  The people who took Morning Recovery felt not at all hungover, but very tired the next morning.  I felt absolutely fine the next morning, but did end up taking a nap mid day.  My theory is that while Morning Recovery (MR) and Drinkwel both have Taurine in them, MR is in a liquid form, so it’s gonna hit your system faster than the Drinkwel, which is in a capsule.  So, you can fall asleep just fine with MR, but after a few hours, that Taurine is going to hit your body pretty hard and wake you up just rearing to go.  Then you are going to crash and need a nap.  But either is gold, and personally even with the spotty sleep, Morning Recovery works so much better on my 40 year old body! I actually ordered another full bottle of Drinkwel, and another case of Morning Recovery last week.  (Milk Thistle can be found at any grocery store or health food store.)

The third reason for this masterpiece in modern American non fiction is, I would really love to get some new guest bloggers.  I have had some offer but never follow up, except for Nikki  (thank you, Nikki!).  There will be great hangover related swag for accepted entries!  As you can imagine, drinking as a job takes a lot of time and a little toll on my body, so if I can pass the baton on a monthly basis, I would be so glad to do so.  If you would like to create an entry, use the contact form here or message me via instagram.  As much as the content on here is “adult”, I try to keep it light and not too offensive, unless you hate drinking, ride sharing, Austin, traveling, or me personally, in which case, WHY ARE YOU HERE?

As always, don’t drink and drive, and stay tuned because I learned about a non pharmaceutical remedy from one of my readers involving lemon juice and bitters, as well as a vitamin based one called Plan A, both of which will be featured in September.  Have a great rest of the week, my lovelies!

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