Hot Sauce and Aspirin

Some tips and tricks to survive a hangover.

As you can tell if you follow my Instagram, @Hot_Sauce_And_Aspirin, I have been traveling non stop this summer. But, I took 2 weeks off from airplanes, restaurants and hotels in favor of the comforts of home and family. Which meant that I got to participate in the timeless suburban tradition of book club last night! Everyone knows book club is wine club. And everyone knows summer is for Rosé or something sparkling, so much the better if you can combine the sparkle with the pink wine, that’s leveling up in summer drinking! Last night we opened a lot of bottles of wine, talked about how weird kids are, mentioned the book (to keep it legit) and enjoyed the company of neighbors. How did I avoid a hangover? Honestly, I’m not sure. Maybe it was a combination of the host making sure we all had some water, maybe it was the mac and cheese I ate when I got home, maybe it was the fact that it’s a million degrees in Texas so I probably sweated out all the alcohol on my 3 minute walk home (even across the street is too far to drink and drive!). I’m guessing it was the carbs in the mac and cheese, giving my body something else to do while it also dealt with the alcohol. But maybe when you drink out of such a cute glass

your brain decides to overpower your liver and keep you from even having the hint of a hangover. That seems like sound science! If you are going to try the mac and cheese route, be forewarned, if you are not sober, you will eat a lot of it, so best not to attempt if you are worried about dieting. But, I say screw the diet, throw some veggies in that sucker (I used frozen peas because I’m 6) and have at it! Either way, I’m grateful for feeling normal today, and am heading to the Alamo Drafthouse for Ant-Man and theWasp, and a bucket of champagne and OJ. Show me what you are drinking this weekend by using the hashtag #HelloDrunkies or #HotSauceAndAspirin on your Instagram. I’ll give my favorites a follow back. Thanks for reading, my favorite drunkies, and may the bubbles in your drink carry you off to magical summertime adventures. And may you use an Uber to carry you home!

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