Hot Sauce and Aspirin

Some tips and tricks to survive a hangover.

I’m in Massachusetts for a family vacation. Currently my son, myself, my dad and my 2 nieces are raging Nantucket style. Which is to say we are eating rich cream based foods while wearing sweaters, it’s cold y’all. Like a super smart kid, I packed zero hangover remedies, but we’ve also been so busy that I haven’t really needed one. The night of the U2 concert, (which is par for the course for me, seriously. I’ll sit around being stone cold sober for DAYS with nothing to do, then have some awesome plans I care about and either be drunk or hungover for them. And once the plans are done, you got it, back to being sober and bored. Maybe I should write a spin-off blog about self sabotage.) I had spent the day in the city with my dad and then with my friend Charlie. My dad lives next to an upscale bar and restaurant, and he goes there so often that he has a drink they make for him. It tastes like sangria but has 5 kinds of liquor in it. I drank 2 of those. After that I went to a tap room and had a couple beers. Then I went to the Rum-Ba and had a caipirinha, and 2 glasses of rose, back to the upscale bar/restaurant for dinner and another glass of rose, and finally to the U2 concert, (which was great and I thankfully remember, though the sound at TD Garden sucks) where I had a vodka lemonade. Notice the care I put in choosing all the same types of alcohol? Yeah me neither. After the concert we had a bit of a walk back to the car (I obviously was not the driver), mostly because my GPS was having a hard time with all the tall buildings and narrow streets, and then we had weird and terrible traffic, making the 45 minute drive take over an hour. The positive part of that was that by the time I hit the bed, it had been 3 plus hours since my last drink. Going to bed relatively sober saved my ass the next day! I woke up feeling a little like, “my god, what have I done”, remembered I was on vacation, went back to sleep until around 10, woke up again feeling footloose and fancy free, and headed back to the city, where I did not drink! So, in a pinch, if you have no vitamins or fancy hangover drinks or even a Topo Chico lime, just stay awake as long as you possibly can, drink a glass of water and get 8-10 hours of whatever quality of sleep you can muster. It’s not an efficient remedy, but it is an effective one. The trick is staying awake those hours you are drunk without drinking more. But be strong, my drunkies, I believe in you! To see some pictures of the drinks, head over to my Instagram page, @Hot_sauce_and_aspirin. I had to delete pictures from my phone to make space for some Massachusetts related travel apps this week.

But I did save a picture of my sister and I in some shadows at the concert! Cheers!

One thought on “Boston Tea Party

  1. Rosa Da Silva says:

    Cute story! Sounds like a blast!

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