Hot Sauce and Aspirin

Some tips and tricks to survive a hangover.

Happy Thursday! I can’t believe I’m writing a post about a Wednesday night, except I know me, so of course I can believe it. My good friend Rosa, who will be guest blogging soon, came in to town and stayed at our house last night. She rolled in with a bottle of Rose, and I had prepared for the visit but chilling a bottle of Cava and a bottle of Prosecco. We also ended the night with some Deep Eddy Grapefruit, so, choices were made. 2 people, 3 bottles and some liquor. Recipe for disaster? Normally, yes. Big time. But, instead I took the opportunity to revisit Drinkwel. I had tried it before with a lot of success, but not on such a wine heavy night. And I thought having a whole other human person also try it made it extra scientific. We did not adhere to the recommended usage, where you take 3 pills early and 3 at bedtime. That is a LOT of vitamins, plus I have some issues with taurine and there is a smidge of that in there. What we did was take 2 pills during the first bottle of wine, with water and food, and take 1 more right before bed. We both woke up about 8 hours after we went to sleep, and we both were 100% hangover free. Like, fine. Completely fine. I ran an errand, drank some coffee, was social, bought a gorgeous painting from Deena O’Daniel, she doesn’t know I am posting this, it’s not for money, she’s just super talented. And now, here I am at 1 PM, chilling, deciding how to spend the rest of this gorgeous day. This lack of hangover was not coincidence. Rosa and I are both people who feel lousy after too much wine, and we both feel fine. In fact, she and her 4 year old are off sightseeing in 95 degree heat, that is not possible with even the hint of a hangover. Here is a link to Drinkwel, I give it a 10/10. I have a sample pack of Drinkwel for the first person who asks for it in the comments.

The mural behind me was painted by Helena Martin, you will see it a lot as the blogs go by.

Thank you for checking in on me on a Thursday! Our next guest blogger will be Rosa, learn more about her by checking out her Instagram rosieinthe_pnw. She’s in town for a crazy weekend of 2 theme weddings and a hippie hang by the river, so I expect to live vicariously through some great photos! In the meantime, don’t drink and drive, and do have fun! Cheers my favorite drunkies.

2 thoughts on “I figured out what wine calls for!

  1. Rosa Da Silva says:

    I love it! That was an awesome read!!

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