Hot Sauce and Aspirin

Some tips and tricks to survive a hangover.

In case you are one of my readers who does not personally know me, there are a couple details of my life you may have to suss out as time goes by. But I will willingly share with you that the only time I injure myself seriously, I am stone cold sober. A year and almost a month ago I was in Cleveland for business and got my foot stuck in between 2 rocks, fell and broke my ankle. When I was younger I sprained my ankle playing soccer, sprained my wrist while babysitting (kids are heavy), and skied off a small cliff. So, it’s not surprising that I once again hurt myself doing something incredibly mundane. This time, I was walking across a cement floor in flip flops. How dare I be so cavalier with my life? There I was strutting my way from the table, where I had literally just put my first drink of the night down, to the bathroom, when I slipped on condensation from some machine, and fell. Hard. So I did what any good Texan would do, (I know I’m not from Texas) and picked up the pace of drinking to avoid feeling quite so much pain. Because, let me tell y’all, it HURT. And it stayed hurting for a week. Actually my tailbone is still really sore. Hahahahaha, I’m a pain in my own ass. Leaving my house that night, unaware of what would befall me, literally, I planned to go easy, we had a long weekend of parties and ball games planned. But once I realized my bad ankle was now my good ankle, and my leg was bruised from hip to toe, I went for it. Note the almost empty glass already having a full friend. Plus there was a really fun 80’s cover band, and I was with a group of around 15 people. It was still an early night, but I woke up pretty blah. Blah and sore. And this is literally the only time during this journey I relied on aspirin to feel better. Aspirin and hydration. And because I wasn’t mixing every alcohol and didn’t actually drink to heavy excess, it really helped. I was able to rally and make it to the fiesta that night, where I took it much easier, knowing we had the baseball game on Sunday. Go Express! Water and aspirin is an old tried and true method for a reason. It clears up the mental fog, takes away headaches and aches and pains, but it doesn’t make you jittery. It could cause issues though if you used it often. Aspirin is not great for your stomach. And alcohol is not great for your stomach. So that’s easy math. Yay easy math!

Just before I started this rambling post, I made an Instagram account for the b roll of the fun that doesn’t make it up here. So follow me at Hot_sauce_and_aspirin on instagram too, for more behind the scenes of an aging party girl. Thanks for reading! Be careful and know that I love you all! Cheers, drunkies.

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