Hot Sauce and Aspirin

Some tips and tricks to survive a hangover.

So many people came and checked out the post about the contest, which is awesome. But only Erin Sheehy-Norton successfully followed the directions. So by default she is the winner of the hangover prevention kit! I’ll put it together and take some pictures before I send it out, so everyone will get a sense of what you might win next time around! Congratulations, Erin, thanks for sharing the post and helping me get views from 5 different countries this week! I still owe everyone stories from last weekend, I haven’t forgotten. Those are coming soon. And don’t forget that today is the unofficial start of the weekend, so have a few beers, hydrate, take b vitamins, and feel free to share stories or pictures of yourself out in the world, in the comments. Cheers my drunkies, congratulations, Erin!

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