Hot Sauce and Aspirin

Some tips and tricks to survive a hangover.

This going way back, I’ve been horrible about consistency, I hear that’s an excellent way to maintain a fan base. But as promised, a review of the Facebook targeted “Blowfish”. I’m not even going to bother with links for this nonsense. Use at your own discretion, but only if you like uppers and aren’t actually hungover. St. Patrick’s day weekend took me, and a couple dozen of my nearest and dearest to party at the Domain. Shout out to Lone Star Court, you guys gave me my first “Never too hungover” and started this journey. There we were, drinking beer, whiskey, tequila, rum, you name it. I had made brunch reservations at Copper the next day, totally worth a look if you are in Austin. So I was determined to not be hungover. Because of that, I drank a never too hungover, Nuun, and a boatload of water during the course of the festivities. I would have had it too, had it not been for the meddling tequila shot to end the night. Thankfully, it’s a hotel, so the party had to end around midnight. Around 12:30 my stomach was like, “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME????” And so, my hangover was avoided by a method I do not recommend, but certainly happens sometimes. But seriously if you find yourself throwing up at 39, you should evaluate your life a little. I mean, I didn’t. But you should. The dozens of friends did not suffer the same gross but kind of fortuitous fate, and woke, bleary, sick, and unlikely to rally. I woke up thinking, a bucket of mimosas will set me up nicely. And it did. Add hair of the dog in there are already we are up to 4 hangover remedies in this one post. For the groggy grouchy bunch I offered up what seemed like the Holy Grail of hangover remedies, it comes in a cute blue bag, and it has a cute name. Blowfish, made of Aspirin, caffeine, bubbles, water. Seems perfect, right?Wrong. The few people who took it all independently said there headaches were untouched, but they were afraid to take anything else for several hours as it was supposed to be a full dose of aspirin. At least their stomachs were ok though, right? Wrong again. All of them said they felt queasy. And 2 of them shook so much from the caffeine that it was distracting for them. Even with all that caffeine they didn’t feel alert, only shaky. I can’t say first hand that it’s the worst. But judging from my friends, I wouldn’t try it. The party weekend was a blast. The remedies clearly weren’t up to the task. Of course, at some point nothing is going to work if you drink like a freshman during rush and you are pushing 40! Hopefully you all had a less hungover, more fun March! Stay tuned, I have another tale to tell about a theme party and the importance of using things as directed! Ta-Ta, my favorite drunkies! Remember, don’t drink and drive, don’t drink at all if you actually don’t want to be hungover, and this is for entertainment, not science!

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